Andrew Gori | FOR REELZ

Shortlist of curatorial projects, short films, and commercial work written and directed and sometimes produced by me. That's Giorgio Moroder thumping on the soundtrack.

Some frequent collaborators on these projects: co-writer/co-director Jesse Allen, producer/production designer Ambre Kelly, producer Rachel Dengiz, Actors Mickey Sumner, Jennifer Prediger, Joanne Tucker, Corey Sullivan, Andy Gilchrist, Matt Hopkins, and more, DP's Austin Cary Rhodes, Adam Benn, & Jason Martin, Editors Noah Amos, Jean Pesce, and Anne Barliant. Composers Wills Bates, Noah Goldberg & more.

Edited by (phenomenal writer/director) Jean Pesce 


An incomplete scrapbook of early films written and directed by Andrew Gori. ('Party Trick' co-written, co-directed by Jesse Allen.) _19:58

THE ESCAPISTS (Full Length Film)

'A brother and sister live their whole lives in a mansion not knowing each other.' (Starring Mickey Sumner & Corey Sullivan)_36:18